21 Engaging Content Ideas for B2B Social Media Posts

You know creating B2B social media content is key to reaching your target audience, building trust and growing leads. 

But, often, knowing what to post can be tricky.  

I hear it all the time from clients: “I know I need to be posting on social media, but what do I write about?” 

Well, let me help you… 

First thing’s first, there are four types of engaging B2B social media posts you can create:  

  1. Educational (blogs, how-to guides, infographics) 
  1. Fun (facts about your team, charity events, seasonal dates) 
  1. Promotional (the services you offer, testimonials, business updates) 
  1. Inspirational (case studies, industry insights, expert advice) 

The trick is to have the right balance of all four. My advice is to keep the ratio of your content 80:20 – make sure 80% of everything you post is educational, fun or inspirational and keep 20% of your B2B social media content promotional.  

Building trust through content is all about engaging with your audience, providing value and being consistent. So, creating content that only promotes your products or services will only get your business so far.  

Here are 21 ideas to inspire you for your B2B social media content… 

1. Answer FAQs  

What questions do you get asked most by your clients or prospects? Use this as inspiration for your social posts. Take a problem or query you get asked and share how your business helps solve this problem. For extra points, post a video of a member of your team answering the question.  

2. Share testimonials  

Social proof is incredibly important when it comes to getting people to trust your company. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your customers and post them across your social platforms. Use your Google reviews or kind words you’ve received from clients for an instant social media post.  

3. Listicles 

Create content for a social media post in a list-based format. They’re easily digestible and cater to short attention spans. How about: Top 5 reasons to partner with an MSP?

4 New blog announcements  

Each time you publish a new blog, be sure to shout about it on social media. Include an image and an engaging caption to entice your audience to read it. Blogs will help increase your website traffic, improve your SEO ranking and establish you as an expert in your field.  

5. Repurpose blogs  

You’ve written an 800-word blog. You could promote it once on social media and forget about it. Or you could take the most important and interesting snippets from each of your blogs and turn them into multiple social media posts. You know it makes sense.   

6. Meet the team  

Show off your most important asset – your expert team! It humanises your brand and people love to see the faces behind a company. You could include a photo, along with the person’s job role and answers to a few questions, such as what they enjoy doing when they’re not working.  

7. Holidays & key dates  

Keep an eye on holidays and creative events throughout the year. For instance, did you know it’s Data Privacy Day on 28th January? There’s an array of light-hearted or more serious holidays that you can use to create relevant social media content for your business. 

8. Webinar details  

Details of any webinars your business is holding or attending make great content. Promote what the webinar is about, what people will learn, who’s speaking, and the time and date to encourage people to attend. 

9. Share expert advice & tips 

The easiest way to create educational content is to tap into the expertise from within your company. Think about the questions your ideal customers might have and share your answers. Remember, repurposing your blog content is a good way to create short tips to share with your followers.  

10. Business updates 

Share any company news – such as new partnerships, product updates or new starters – with your followers to keep them up to date with how your business is progressing.  

11. Infographics 

Infographics are a great story-telling tactic that engages audiences. Using them to visually explain a complex process or present data and statistics, for example, can make your content more understandable and enticing to read. Check out Canva where you can create infographics for free.  

12. Service or product focus 

Showcase your services or products to your followers. Rather than simply stating what you offer, think of ways to make your promotional posts more interesting. For instance, use bullet points to outline the benefits of your services or products or post a short demo video.  

13. Success stories 

Gain even more credibility by posting case studies and how you’ve helped a business achieve great results. These can be kept short and sweet – think problem, solution and result – and the client can be kept anonymous if needs be.  

14. Post promotions   

Offer free trials, demos or consultations? Be sure to shout about them. Let your audience know you’re there to help them get the most from your product or service, and how they can get in touch. 

15. Share your company mission and values 

Drive brand loyalty by promoting what your business stands for and what it strives to achieve. You could create an eye-catching graphic that summarises your mission and values or posting company achievements that represent your values is a more subtle approach.  

16. Current vacancies 

Use your job openings for social media content. It highlights that you’re a growing company and provides a free way to increase the visibility of your vacancies. 

17. Videos  

Videos are a great way to engage people, get more post views and humanise your brand. You could set up a business YouTube channel to easily upload and share videos, such as Q&As with a member of staff or to provide helpful tips and advice. 

18. Polls  

Polls provide a simple and quick way to interact with your followers. You could use an event date to create more light-hearted polls, such as the best pancake topping on Shrove Tuesday (16th February, by the way). Or more serious questions to learn more about your audience.  

19. Memes  

Who doesn’t love a meme? Showcase your business’s personality with memes relevant to your industry… there’s bound to be some out there or you can create your own! 

20. Industry insights  

Look out for industry news, reports and well-written articles from reliable sources. You can share them with your audience or use the information to generate original content for blogs and social media posts.

21. Company culture 

This can be a bit tricky during these Covid-times. But you can easily screenshot a video call of your team or take a socially-distanced photo if you’re in the office to share on social media. Or how about posting a throwback photo of a team outing or event pre-Covid? #throwbackthursday

Pro tip: Make sure everything you post has a call to action (CTA). Think about what you want the reader to do after consuming the information. Whether it’s to “click to read our latest blog” or “let us know in the comments below”, CTAs are important to encourage your audience to take action.   

That should be more than enough ideas to get you started creating content for social media. The next step is to make sure you have a plan, so you post consistently. Click here to find out how you can create a 12-week B2B content plan in six simple steps.  

Haven’t got the time to write your own social media posts? I can help… Get in touch today for your free 15-minute discovery call.