6 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance B2B Content Writer

In an age of scroll culture and digital marketing, succeeding in the online space is becoming more complex. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and win over new clients.  

Writing content for your business requires a lot of time, commitment and a clear brand message, though. And you might not feel confident doing this yourself or simply don’t have the time. That’s where a freelance copy and content writer, like me, comes in.

What exactly is a freelance B2B content writer, and why should you work with one? Read on to find out…

What is a B2B content writer?

A freelance copywriter creates marketing content for your business that promotes your services. This involves creating print and digital copy for things like homepages, brochures, social media posts, blogs and articles, e-books and newsletters.

A B2B content writer doesn’t just write words. A good copywriter can provide a clear content marketing strategy for your business that generates more leads and sales too. Our work also involves a lot of research, editing and proofreading to make sure your message is compelling and on-brand.

A content writer that specialises in the B2B space understands your top priorities:

  • Lead generation
  • Building trust and lasting relationships
  • Communicating the benefits of your services.

Why is content creation important for B2B businesses?

Content creation is one of the key elements for business growth. From increasing brand awareness to turning leads into clients, it’s a critical marketing tactic. Creating successful online content involves strategic planning. The following are key areas to focus on when creating winning business content:

  • Consistency: Post regular blog posts to keep your website active and boost organic traffic.
  • Relevance: Keep your content relevant to your business to generate successful client leads and sales.
  • Transparency: B2B content is most effective when it’s straightforward and easy to understand.
  • SEO friendly: Implement effective SEO practices to improve your Google ranking and visibility to relevant online audiences.
  • Expertise: Know your business, brand and audience to create content that establishes you as an expert in your field and builds trust and relationships with your clients.

Why hire a freelance B2B content writer?

1. Fresh, original content on a regular basis

Keeping up to date with new, engaging content will increase leads and sales from clients. Hiring a creative to produce copy materials for your website and blog will entice audiences to find out more. Not to mention, make your brand more memorable to them afterwards. Regularly updating your website with new content also has SEO benefits!

2. To boost your SEO

Anyone can put words on a page. We copywriters put the right words on a page. SEO-friendly copy that’s new and well-written encourages organic traffic to your website and leads to more sales. Thorough research and search engine optimisation drives up your online ranking.

3. For more flexibility and to free up your time

Hiring a freelance B2B content writer gives you the time to focus on your business and projects. Let us worry about finding the right words and marketing strategy. You can have a trusted freelancer on your side for one-off jobs or a two-month project – the ultimate flexibility, which could save you money too.

4. Easy-to-understand, jargon-free content

Topics in the B2B world can often be more technical. When you’re offering managed IT or cyber security services, for example, it can be easy to get hung up on the technical sides of things. The beauty of working with a freelance copywriter is they can write B2B content in simple terms and identify benefits that will attract new and existing clients.

5. They bring a fresh perspective

Bringing a freelancer into your business introduces a fresh, objective pair of eyes. They can see the business as a whole and bring a new perspective. A freelance copywriter can do a deep drive to find out what’s going well and what’s missing from your content strategy. They also bring new ideas to the table that you might not have thought about.

6. Get a special kind of dedication

Turning in high-quality work every single time is integral to a freelance copywriter. It’s all about building and nurturing relationships because we want to continue working with you, right? That means the turnaround times and work output can be much greater than creating content and marketing copy in-house.


A specialist B2B content writer knows how to deliver results. By hiring a freelance copywriter, you’re getting someone whose job is to take your brand voice and industry trends and turn them into informative and engaging material. You’re not just getting a copywriter; you’re getting someone who’s a pro at creating a content strategy that meets the needs of your B2B business. And someone who can be there for you at peak times when content is needed.

If you’re looking for a B2B content writer to get your business noticed, get in touch today. We can schedule a free discovery call to discuss your specific requirements.